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What to Expect

During Worship

Worship Style

We generally follow a traditional Presbyterian liturgy, but we're an informal bunch who don't take themselves too seriously, so don't be surprised if you hear laughter in worship! We currently sing from the Presbyterian "Glory to God" hymnal with organ music, but sometimes have special music or anthems that are less "traditional".

Service Length

Worship services almost always last just about an hour -- occasionally a bit shorter, rarely much longer.



We share communion on the first Sunday of every month by intinction (dipping a piece of bread into a shared cup before consuming it).


In solidarity with those who may not be able to consume gluten or fermented substances, we service grape juice and gluten-free bread.


We also have individually packaged juice and (gluten-free) crackers for those wishing to be extra cautious about germs. 

Children in Sunday School are encouraged to return to the sanctuary to share in the sacrament.​


Your support helps us fulfill God's call. The offering is a traditional part of our worship service. We encourage everyone to give as they have decided in their heart and are able to give not under reluctance or compulsion. "God loves a cheerful giver. 2 Corinthians 9:7." However, please do not feel obliged to make any offering. You only need to donate what you can share, and just sit and enjoy listening to Sylvia's music.


Come as you are! Many in our community wear their "nicer" clothes to worship (like a blouse or polo shirt with khakis or dress pants), but if you're most comfortable in a t-shirt and shorts with sneakers, by all means, wear that! God loves you for what's on the inside, and so do we!

Parking & Accessibility

There is plenty of free parking in the lot across the street from the Sanctuary and street parking on 14th Ave., as well as a few handicapped-accessible spots immediately in front of the building. There is ramp access on the side of the sanctuary to the left of the main entrance (off of Dearborn St.) and a small elevator inside the building.

We print out a large-print version of our bulletin each week, and we have large-print hymnals.


For those who may be hard of hearing, we also have headphones that connect to the audio system during worship. We also have a member who is able to serve as a sign language translator. Please don't hesitate to ask an usher if you have any questions!

Livestreaming Worship

COVID-19 changed the church landscape in many ways, and it seems like online worship is here to stay! If you can't join us for worship in person, whether because of distance, transportation issues, illness, or any other reason, we would love for you to join us online! You can find a digital version of the bulletin plus the livestream itself on our website, or you can find us on our YouTube page.

Kids in Worship

Kids in Worship

All ages are welcome in worship! We believe that you don't "grow up" to be a member of the community -- you show up! All ages worship together for the first part of the service; after the children's message ("In Other Words" or "Jam Session" in the bulletin), families can decide whether their kids will stay in worship or go to Sunday School.


We provide Christian Education for kids in Kindergarten through 5th grade (see "Christian Education" section for more information), and we have a "cry room" available on the second floor if you feel more comfortable watching the service with your infant there (although infants are more than welcome to worship with us in the sanctuary - fussiness and all!)


Children are always listening, even when (especially when!) they're playing, so it's important to us that they have a space in worship where they can be present and listen without having to "sit still". 

We're in the process of setting up a "Prayground" at the front of the sanctuary. This is a space where littles can come during worship that will allow them to participate in worship in a way that makes sense for them. 


The table has toys, crayons, and blank paper; the crawl space has stuffed animals; and the shelves have children's bibles, coloring sheets, self-drying clay, and other craft supplies so that kids can respond to what's going on in worship however they like. 




Join us following worship in Shupe Hall (our newly-renovated Fellowship Hall) downstairs! We offer coffee, lemonade, water, and cookies as we chat and connect with one another.


Once a month, we have "Not-Cookie Sunday", where members sign up to bring something different for us to munch on. One month, it may be coffee cakes; another month, Reuben sandwiches; another, soups - check out the sign up sheet at the back of the sanctuary to see what's coming up next month!

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