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At Boone Church

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A Community For Creators

You don't have to be a professional artist or even a "good" one to be a creator. If you have an imagination, if you can draw a line on paper, if you can move your body, if you can stack Legos together, that means YOU are a creator, and this space is for YOU! 

Join Us!

Every Second Monday



1323 Dearborn St., Caldwell, ID 83605

You can park in the lot on Dearborn across from the sanctuary or on 14th Ave.


Follow S. 14th Avenue to the alley behind the sanctuary building. Go down the first stairway on the left - just follow the blue railing to the blue door. (Call or text 208-696-1214 if you need mobility accommodations.)

A Bit About Us...


​...that all people were created in God’s image (Imago Dei is Latin for “Image of God”), and that one of the most profound ways we can reflect the divine image is in the act of creation.

Creating isn't about skill or talent, or even about the final product, but about the experience of encountering God through the act of making something that didn't exist before.


We explore the Bible (First and New Testaments) first through group conversation, and then through individual creativity.

Splatter Paint
Each gathering opens with a group exploration of a passage from the Bible - largely discussion based, but movement, doodles, notes, and tangents are welcome!

Then, everyone continues to explore the passage on their own through the artistic medium of their choice.


You don't have to belong to any particular denomination or belief system to be a part of this community. You don't even have to be a person of faith at all!

Woman with Bible
Our only requirement is that you treat all members of our community as bearers of the divine image, regardless of age, gender identity, sexuality, political affiliation, ability, or any other factor.


No matter your age or level of artistic ability you are welcome at Imago Dei.

Kids Drawing
For everyone's safety, we ask that anyone under 18 years old be joined by a parent/guardian, and anyone under 10 years old have direct parent/guardian supervision while creating.

You Belong Here...


1 / Do I have to sign up to join?

Not at all! Just showing up makes you a part of the community.

2 / Do I have to come to every gathering?

Nope! While a community thrives on engagement, we understand that life is busy! Join us whenever you can.

3 / Do I have to stay for the whole time?

No, although we encourage you to. Creating is a process that takes time, and we shouldn't rush it if we can help it.

4 / Should I bring my own supplies?

You're more than welcome to (especially if you have a particular medium or project in mind), but we try to keep a fully-stocked supply closet that is open to everyone.

5 / This is a great idea! How can I support you?

First of all, please join us! Your presence is the most valuable part of this community.

Secondly, we gratefully accept your donations of financial support or art supplies.

Finally, if you would like to donate anything you create back to the community, our goal is to open a virtual shop where any proceeds will go towards supporting this community.

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