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Boone is seeking a Church Office Coordinator

Position Description:

12 hours per week at $15 per hour (wage and hours are negotiable for the right candidate)


A Church Office Coordinator is employed by the Church Session to provide administrative support to the Pastor and Congregation with the pastor as their direct supervisor. The Office Coordinator must maintain a professional relationship with the Session and congregation and must keep in strict confidence information acquired through the duties of this position, which may be personal in nature to church members and/or staff. 


To perform, with accuracy, secretarial and administrative duties including duplicating and other office work as required.


Specific duties may include:


  1. Greet visitors to the office, interact with outside vendors, answer phone inquiries, and forward messages or make referrals as needed

  2. Prepare bulletins for all worship services.  This will primarily involve printing, folding, adding inserts, and delivering to the sanctuary, but may occasionally involve tracking down and adding information (such as sermon titles, scripture readings, or musical pieces). This will be accomplished in coordination with the pastor or pulpit supply (if the pastor will not be leading worship).

  3. Email or phone reminders to congregants as needed.

  4. Backup computer records and data. Organize records and file church data digitally and physically as needed.

  5. Maintain on-line calendars with all dates and times for church events and other functions, coordinating use of church facilities for church and outside groups according to policies set by Session, notifying Session of meetings or functions as needed.

  6. Order supplies for the Church Office, Sanctuary and for others, as needed or as directed by the Pastor.

  7. Maintenance of office equipment and hardware.

  8. Help to prepare monthly newsletter and annual reports to the Session, handling the bulk mail distribution using volunteer help where possible.

  9. Assist the Clerk of Session in completing the annual Statistical Report to General Assembly, annual reports to Presbytery, etc.

  10. Maintain confidentiality of pastor counseling, appointments, and related information.

  11. Update and maintain the Boone website and Facebook page.

  12. Additional responsibilities as future needs emerge, according to the candidate’s unique skills (budgeting, boiler chemistry, design, etc.).

A Successful Candidate Will Have:

  • Excellent organizational skills with ability to prioritize tasks

  • Basic understanding of church, policies, procedures and office systems

  • Careful attention to detail and communication

  • Good computer skills (Microsoft word, excel, email, etc.)

  • Willingness and ability to learn new skills and updated procedures

  • Ability to work closely with Session members and Pastor

  • Agreement and adherence to Boone’s core values, policies, and mission statement:

"Boone Memorial Presbyterian Church PCUSA’s mission is to sustain a growing and inclusive community following Christ’s lead, as we commit to knowledge of our faith, to the depth of spirituality, to the quality of our fellowship, and compassion for all of God’s children and creation."

Please send resume to

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

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