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Hello from Deanna!


Deanna Watson recently joined our staff as a part time employee after a few years serving as a fill in at Boone and other churches in the Boise Presbytery. 

Deanna was raised in the Kamiah Community Presbyterian Church in the beautiful Clearwater Valley area of north central Idaho.  For the past 26 years she has served as the Executive Director of the Boise City/Ada County Housing Authorities where her faith has long guided her work and her work has guided her faith.  Deanna is a graduate of Boise State University where she served as Student Body President in 1983-84. 

Having grown acquainted with the Boone congregation through service on the Boise Presbytery Pulpit supply, Deanna has developed a deep appreciation and admiration for the Boone family and their Pastor and was happy to continue her affiliation through service to the Deacons, support of church programs and periodic preaching.

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