Hi, I'm Yasu!

How long have you been working at Boone Church?

I started working at Boone Church at the end of March 2018. So, I have been working here for over three years.

What do you do (your responsibilities)?

I work with the supervision of the pastor, Katey, as head of staff. I help people who come to our church, answer phone calls, pick up mail, and keep both digital and physical files up-to-date. I also make bulletins weekly, create reports for Session Meetings, and compile annual report at the end of the year. Most of work that I do could be called "chores", but someone has to do it so that our church can function smoothly and be organized as a community.

What are your favorite parts of your job?

I like working with the people at this church. They are very nice and friendly. As you may know, I am not a native English speaker. The people in this church understand that and cooperate with me, and they are willing to help me. I help them with whatever they need (because that is part of my job 😅), and I really like the culture of helping each other in this church!

What are fun facts about you?

I am from Japan and I still practice some of Japanese customs. One of them I like is to take off shoes inside of houses. It keeps my house clean so that I do not have to clean it!

What days/hours are you in the office?

I work from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays.