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COVID-19 Update

 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re worshiping differently at the moment. Please see our COVID-19 Information Page for more details. 

The Boone Memorial Presbyterian Church community values music as a way to enrich our worship experience, teach us theological ideas, and share our gifts with one another and with God. Congregational hymn singing is central to our worship, but we also incorporate instrumental music, choir pieces, and soloists on Sunday mornings.

Sylvia Hunt, Organist

Learn more about our organist, Sylvia Hunt.


Boone Singers

The Boone Singers are our congregational choir. Small but mighty, the Singers offer their voices as a gift to God in our worship most weeks. Their repertoire includes many different genres of music, and is usually accompanied by the piano. 


ALL are welcome to join The Boone Singers--just show up at rehearsal!


Sylvia Hunt &

Bill Buckendorf


Wednesdays in the Sanctuary

7:15 pm - 8:00 pm

*Rehearsal times and days may vary during the summer.*


Special Music

We welcome all those with musical gifts of any kind to share them with us during worship! Whether you sing, play guitar, piano, clarinet, or tuba; whether you’re retired, in elementary school, or somewhere in between; we’re grateful for the many different musical gifts that God allows us to offer in worship.

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