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Testimony... a crucial part of the Christian faith—

It’s the women’s testimony at the tomb that first offered the Good News of Christ’s resurrection to the apostles,

It’s the apostles’ testimonies that eventually led to scripture being written down,

It’s scripture’s testimony that allowed the story to be transmitted to us through the centuries,

And it’s our testimony that helps humanity to gain an ever-greater understanding of our creator, sustainer, and redeemer.

What's a Testimony?

A testimony is a witness’ solemn attestation as to the truth of a matter, what they’ve seen with their own eyes.

Unlike in legal settings, the goal of testimony in faith isn’t to uncover factual proof, but to reveal a larger truth through our individual experiences of the divine. We each only have a part of the picture, so it’s our job to share what we know as honestly and plainly as we can.

It takes everyone’s experiences of God together to convey the divine truth fully. If even one person keeps their part of the story to themselves, then we aren’t getting the whole truth. 

So What?

This year for Lent, we’re going to do things a little bit differently.


Instead of a sermon series, we’re going to work our way through the entire gospel of Luke—hearing the whole story from start to finish.

In worship, we’ll hear Luke’s testimony,

and at home, we’ll work on our own.

We’ll use these 40 days to reflect on how Luke chose to tell his story—and how we might choose to tell ours. 

How Can I Help?

Pastor Katey will need a lot of volunteers:


- to read in worship throughout Lent (most parts are one line, you can sign up for one week or for multiple, and ALL ages and abilities welcome),




- to record themselves reading scripture for a Good Friday video.

Email for more information or to to sign up!

We encourage you to write your own testimony, a little at a time each week, as a Lenten discipline. 

You can follow the template below, or use your own process.

Remember: the point of a testimony is to be shared!

More About Testimony
Your Testimony
Throughout Lent, we will be writing the words and phrases used to describe Jesus (both in Scripture and our own) on post it notes and hanging them on the columns at the back of the sanctuary. We hope to have them covered with testimonies by Easter Sunday.

Who do YOU say he is?
Worship Times:

ASH WEDNESDAY (March 2):   7pm in the Westminster Chapel

MAUNDY THURSDAY (April 14):    7pm in the Westminster Chapel

GOOD FRIDAY (April 15):    7pm on our YouTube channel

ALL SUNDAY SERVICES (Including Palm Sunday & Easter):

11am in the Sanctuary

All services will be streamed, pending technological cooperation.

Masks required in person.

Worship Times
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