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2022 Advent Theme Image.png

Help us connect to our theme
with our ongoing Advent projects!

Ongoing Project 1:

An Advent Playlist

Leading up to each Sunday in Advent, we'll compile a playlist of popular music that embodies the week's theme. The rules:

  • No Christmas Music!

  • No Hymns or Contemporary Christian music

  • Must be church/family-friendly

Advent Playlists

Songs of Hope

Songs of Peace

Songs of Love

Songs of Joy


Ongoing Project 2:

Making Our Own Music

Every week, we'll add a long, empty music staff to the sanctuary. You're invited to write the places/times that you've experienced hope, peace, love, or joy (the staffs are labeled) on the provided post-it notes.

Place it wherever you want on the staff, and we'll make beautiful music together!

Listen to the Christmas Carol we "wrote" by listing the things that make us want to sing!
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