Help us connect to our theme
with our ongoing Advent projects!


Ongoing Project 1:

Building Our Home

This dollhouse representing "home" is starting to fill up, but there's still plenty of room for more! Every week of Advent and Christmas, we'll be assigned a different feature to make out of clay and add to the house (kitchen furniture, cozy items, decorations, etc.) and, piece by piece, we'll make this house a home! We'll supply modeling clay if you don't have any!


Ongoing Project 2:

Building A Home For Others

For all of Advent through the season of Christmas, you'll have the option of participating in our reverse Advent calendar. The idea is that each day, instead of discovering a new treat for yourself, you set something aside to give away.

You can follow this calendar as closely or as loosely as you want; you can collect things from around your house or you can purchase new things to donate (I highly recommend the Dollar Tree if your budget is tight).

We'll gather the items in worship each week, and at the end of Christmas, we'll distribute them to non-profits and those in need around our community.

(If the calendar is a bit too involved for you,
here are the categories of donations we'll be collecting each week:)

December 5:

Laying the Foundation Blueprint.png

December 12:

December 19:

December 26:

January 2:

Home By Another Way Blueprint.png